Empower Your University Network with Big Bandwidth:


Empower Your University Network

Low Latency Fiber Optic Networks for High Frequency Trading:

Application Note

Designing Low Latency Fiber Optic Networks

White Paper: Deploying Dynamic and Intelligent Optical Networks with ROADMs

An overview of ROADM technology, applications and benefits.

Deploying Dynamic and Intelligent Optical Networks with ROADMs

Video Datasheet: MRV’s OptiDriver Platform

This video series introduces MRV’s innovative OptiDriver platform, the latest member of the MRV optical transport and WDM family.

Video Datasheet: MRV’s OptiDriver Platform

White Paper: Breakeven Analysis of Wavelength Services vs. Leasing Dark Fiber

Examine the implementation of Leasing Dark Fiber vs. Wavelength Services and the breakeven periods for several scenarios.

Accelerating Packet-Optical Convergence

Application Note: MRV Optical Transport Solutions for Higher Education

Learn how various educational institutions cost-effectively deployed high-bandwidth, campus-wide connections.

MRV Optical Transport Solutions for Higher Education

Optical SDN White Paper:

Add Value to Your Network with Optical SDN

Optical Software Defined Networking


MRV offers the largest selection of pluggable optics at any speed, up to 100 Gbps.



OptiDriver® empowers high-growth cloud connectivity with the industry's highest 10Gbps density and paves the way to 100Gbps by offering more capacity, intelligence and ease-of-use.

OptiDriver® is the most recent addition to MRV’s comprehensive family of advanced optical transport network elements. Purpose-built modular solution to offer the industry’s highest density 10Gbps transport in compact chassis ranging from 1RU up to 10RU, OptiDriver is engineered to support the latest advances in optical technologies, including intelligent ROADM networks and 100Gbps transport.

OptiDriver is designed from the ground up to reduce capital and operational expenses. A flexible shelf and component architecture dramatically lowers initial and ongoing hardware costs, simplifies operations, and minimizes power and space requirements. Multifunction hardware allows a minimum number of components to serve the maximum variety of applications, including Ethernet, OTN, TDM, Fibre Channel, ESCON/FICON, Infiniband, and others. Built-in testing and rapid turn up features lower the operational cost of installation and significantly decrease time to revenue.

OptiDriver is fully integrated into MRV’s advanced Pro-Vision® service provisioning and management platform, which operates seamlessly in a mixed network of MRV’s Optical and Carrier Ethernet systems. Built-in processing support for current and emerging intelligent control plane technologies like GMPLS and Software Defined Networking allows OptiDriver to quickly integrate into new and existing networks.

OptiDriver Key Advantages                                                                                                                           

  • High-density modular design for optimal and simplified scalability  
  • Support high-availability carrier grade network and system designs
  • Ultra low transmission latency
  • Lowest power per bit
  • Comprehensive rate and protocol support
  • Broad 100G application support and ROADM flexible networks
  • Powerful optical service management - powered by MRV's Pro-Vision®        
  • Open and programmable solution for Optical SDN                           




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