Pluggable Transceivers

MRV offers industry largest selection of pluggable optics at any speed up to 100Gbps

Today’s network engineer is faced with a unique set of challenges when designing an optical network. For optical network implementations, pluggable transceivers provide a modular approach to future-safe network design.Pluggable technology replaces fixed ports or optics and increases the flexibility and longevity of network devices. Interchangeable transceivers allow a single device to operate with a wide selection of media, protocols and functions. The same host module may function as a simple optical device, a distance extension solution, a repeater or a WDM transponder. Upgrading a port takes only seconds - snap in a new pluggable option at both ends of the media and the upgrade is complete.

MRV offers MSA compliant solution with vertical integration

MRV offers a full line of pluggable transceiver options fully integrated with our optical and packet networking solutions. The MRV pluggable transceivers operate in MRV devices or most other devices that comply with industry MSA standards. MRV’s pluggable transceiver line includes:

  • SFP — offering a wide range of protocols and rates (Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH and many more), for dual and bidirectional fiber as well as copper media support, Digital Video, and others
  • SFP+ — supporting 8 and 10 Gbps Fibre Channel and a variety of 10Gbps Protocols (Ethernet, SONET/SDH, OTN, etc.)
  • XFP — designed for 10 Gbps Ethernet and Fibre Channel, OC192/STM64, and Copper 10 Gbps services
  • CFP & CPF2 — 100 Gbps interfaces supporting Ethernet and OTN standards over a variety of distances
  • Tunable options for DWDM 



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